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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: CityTeam Bags of Love Program

Since 2012 we have been volunteering at CityTeam for their Bags of Love Program to help the people in SF Tenderloin who are struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction.

Bags of Love are care packages delivered to men and women who live in Single Room Occupancy ('SRO') hotels, which house SF's poorest population. These rooms are often very small with very poor conditions. What income its residents have barely covers rent.

Step One: Get together with your group and purchase the supplies to make 5-7 lunches per person. Lunches often include a sandwich, chips, piece of fruit, water, and a cookie or granola bar in a brown paper bag. This should be completed in advance of arriving at Cityteam. Step Two: Cityteam will provide an orientation Step Three: T80 team will lead you to a nearby SRO Hotel. Once inside, you will distribute the lunches door-to-door. We encourage volunteers to take time to talk with the residents, get to know them, and even pray if wanted. Step Four: Return to Cityteam for a debrief where volunteers often share stories. Date and Times: Every second Saturday from 9-1 Location: 164 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103